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Booty workout

Personal trainer Lena Paul has had enough of her flakey, hot MILF client Alexis Fawx, who is chronically late or cancels. When Alexis realizes she's about to lose her gorgeous trainer Lena, she pulls out all the stops to keep her sexy trainer satisfied...with plenty of attention to her fit and firm booty! Lena has always appreciated the perfect ass of Alexis, so when it's obvious that Alexis' tones curves and huge tits are up for her pleasure Lena kisses Alexis, hungry to taste Alexis sweet ass. Lena pushes Alexis back onto the veranda and goes down on her, eating her pussy until she cums. Alexis is so turned on, eating Lena out until the sexy babe cums too. Now the equally horny beauties explore each other's delectable asses. They tongue and finger each other as they lap each other's tight assholes. After they cum several times each, Alexis decides this is the booty workout of her dreams.

Duration: 10:00   /   Added: 2019-08-22

Stars :  Alexis Fawx Lena Paul

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Tags :  booty workout

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