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Don't worry, it's just between us

Sometimes small bureaucratic formality is enough to break your plans. Katy was in deadlock as her credit request was declined due to stupid administration. So, her options were to fuck the horny credit manager for some help or live in a half-destroyed flat for next few years. She said "No" in the beginning, but was having doubts. He was handsome in the end and she was free. Why she can't have some fun and get what she wants? Why not? She smiled to this man and unzipped his pants, where his hard dick was waiting for her. Katy opened her mouth and swallowed his cock with chaw... She liked the feeling and he was totally ready to come into her pussy…

Duration: 10:00   /   Added: 2019-06-09

Stars :  Katy

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Tags :  dont worry its just between us

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