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Husband's secret desires

Melissa Moore has a perverted husband. He gets off on cuckold porn most of the day and usually completely forgets to be ready for date night. On this particular day he got caught, and Melissa was beyond livid. She called one of her black big dick friends to confide in, and invited him over to hopefully change her husbands view on things. Melissa's husband was open to make this three way relationship work as long as he was allowed to watch. He happily served as a viewer to his wife getting her pussy destroyed by a BBC, all with a smile on his face. He allowed Melissa to rest her head on his lap while her pussy got licked by an unfamiliar mans tongue. The love was strong with this couple! Her husband had never knew how much Melissa enjoyed the taste of cum either. He would be sure to save his in a vial for her from now on instead of busting it into a tissue. He was sure Melissa would love it :)

Duration: 09:00   /   Added: 2018-07-04

Stars :  Melissa Moore

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